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    Evropska poslanka Romana Tomc je na poslance, ki so na Evropsko komisijo in Evropski svet naslovili poziv k ukrepanju glede situacije v Sloveniji, naslovila pismo, v katerem je predstavila drugo plat zgodbe. Plat, ki je podpisniki, to so nemška poslanka iz vrst Zelenih Franziska Brantner ter evropski poslanci Daniel Freund, Sergey Lagodinsky (oba Zeleni), Stelios Kuloglu (GUE/NGL), Ramona Strugariu (Renew) in Lara Wolters (S&D), iz svojih virov niso slišali. 

    Pismo evropske poslanke Romane Tomc objavljamo v celoti v originalni obliki, torej v angleškem jeziku. Pismo poslancev Evropski Komisijo in Svetu je na voljo med fotografijami, slovenski prevod pisma evropske poslanke Romane Tomc pa pod angleškim originalom v pdf obliki.

    "Dear colleagues,

    few days ago, you sent a letter to the European Commission and the European Council, in which you are expressing your concerns about the media landscape and the rule of law situation in Slovenia. You even suggest that Article 7 should be initiated against Slovenia. These are very serious allegations that should be based on facts. Unfortunately, you have overlooked quite a few very important facts about the situation in Slovenia, regarding your concerns. Let me explain them.
    First of all, I would like to ask you for your comment on the composition of the European Public Prosecutor's Office. If there is a proposal to trigger article 7 for being late with the nomination, what will you propose for those member states that decided not to participate in the EPPO at all? Who will protect EU money in Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, etc?
    Indeed the Rule of law in Slovenia has to be improved, I strongly agree with you on that, also the media landscape, as well as some other things. Due to unfinished transition from communist regime, we still suffer consequences.
    Some of these consequences can be seen at the photos attached (Opomba: fotografije so vidne spodaj).
    (1) Slovenian MEPs Tanja Fajon and Milan Brglez, your colleagues from S&D, hanging together with judges at their party’s event. Not to mention, proudly wearing communist symbols. How can one trust and relay on such »independent« judicial system?
    (2) Your colleague Tanja Fajon bowing and praising one of the greatest communist executors, responsible for death of thousands innocent people after WW2. Are these the European values you so strongly protect?
    Both pictures are taken from public twitter accounts of SD party.
    The picture of Slovenia’s reality today is much bigger and has deeper roots than you can imagine. Just to mention one, for democracy, unimaginable event. Few years ago, when some of you were already members of the European parliament, and Slovenia was already a member of the European Union, Slovenian prosecutors and judges sent the leader of the biggest Slovenian opposition party in jail, just a few months before national elections. Yes, this happened in Slovenia, not in Belarus. This man, Janez Janša, who is today Slovenian Prime minister and will just in a few days take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union, was imprisoned under false accusations. Why? Because the successors of the previous regime, against which he fought, were afraid of him winning the elections and losing their powers and privileges. After the elections he was released and never convicted.

    He was a victim of the most brutal political prosecution, coming from those who claim to be safeguards of the Rule of Law. Isn’t it a little strange to lecture political prisoner what the Rule of law is? It is even more bizarre, that the lectures are coming from those who were his prosecutors.
    Dear colleagues, we missed your support and your strong words in those days. I support your endeavors for democracy, Rule of Law and free media. That is exactly what we want as well.
    But it is clear that not everyone in Slovenia wants that. Some, probably your informers, are anrgy about losing control over the state. Losing control over the institutions, which were suppose to be independent in the first place, losing power over the state, over all kinds of public institutions and above all - losing control over the state money and state companies.

    Yes, they are  in a very stressful situation. They want their power back. They want to overthrow the government. By all means. They haven’t succeeded in the Slovenian parliament, not for lack of trying. So they are continuing their fight on the streets of Ljubljana, in Brussels, everywhere abroad, where they can get someone to listen and believe their story.

    But trying to take government back doesn’t justify spreading lies about my country. It is sad and shameful, harmful and irresponsible. I would like to believe that your letter was written in a good manner and I am looking forward to your help in solving real problems of Rule of Law in Slovenia.
    I encourage you to advice your political friends from Slovenia to stop naming and shaming their country, especially in these important times. They should instead help the current government in restoring normal, developed, pro-European, free and democratic Slovenia.

    I am looking forward to your response,

    Romana TOMC, Member of European parliament, European People's Party"

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